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Vexed: Ethics Beyond Political Tribes by James Mumford

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It was quite interesting reading this during lockdown in Germany and watching how groups of idiots here and in the US rallied against the Stay at Home measures in their states they consider fascist. Where are their ideals of Family Values? Or are the grandparents whose lives are at risk no longer considered family?

Where is the sanctity of life they also claim to respect? Or is that only reserved for the unborn? Are the working class, who will be forced to go back to work to serve them their dinners or cut their hair, all the while putting their lives at risk, not of any value?

Both the far right and the far left are so far up their ideological asses that they no longer see the value of community. Their lives have been so privileged and peaceful that they believe an inconvenience is equal to tyranny. I am ashamed of my fellow humans.

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