My Writing

THE ICE BENEATH ME – Currently on submission

Cold case obsessed Bo Parrington’s life fell apart a year ago when she witnessed her mother fall to her death through the ice on the nearby lake. Traumatised, Bo went into a fugue state and disappeared for seventeen days.

When she witnesses a car drive onto the ice and someone force a young man to his death in the frozen water beneath she alerts her policeman uncle who instigates a search.

But with no body found, and Bo’s judgment called into question because of her PTSD, the case is closed.

Bo is sure her mind isn’t playing tricks this time but she’s going to have to use all her cold case cracking skills to prove it…


Set in idyllic southern Germany, NO DIRECTION HOME is the story of a bombing at a refugee shelter and how two girls, Zada fleeing her home in Syria and Vanessa trying to protect hers, come to be there.

Told in dual narratives, both Vanessa and Zada struggle to do the best they can in a world that is changing all around them.


Finalist in the SCBWI Undiscovered Voices 2016 anthology.

The Cathari family has the power to make Rix, a seventeen year-old former street kid, immortal. To win their blessing she’ll do just about anything they ask. But when they kidnap her supposed-to-be-dead boyfriend, she finds herself in the middle of a centuries old feud, her allegiance torn between the love of her life who abandoned her and the Cathari who can give her everything she needs.

Download the anthology here.


Author: Patti Buff

American living in rural Germany. I read, I write, I am.

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